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Cheri' Miley Wright
Staff Accountant

Amanda Crowe
A/P, Fixed Assets

Vanessa Jones
Payroll Specialist

Donna Miley
Bookkeeper Liaison

Finance and Accounting

Welcome to the Department of Finance and Accounting.  This department provides the financial management services for the Superintendent and the Chilton County Board of Education.  Financial management includes policy planning and coordination for the most effective and efficient allocation of all funding sources available to the Board.

The Chilton County Board of Education operates all financial transactions within the parameters of the Annual Budget adopted by the Board for the Fiscal year October 1 through September 30.  The budget process is designed to encourage the concept of site based management with input from the system's personnel, students, parents and community leaders.  Decisions are made based on the use of available resources to best serve the needs of the students within the system. The budget includes all funds received and generated from state, federal, local and other sources.  All budget and financial reports are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and comply with reporting requirements outlined in the Financial Planning, Budgeting and Reporting System for Alabama Public Schools.

Monthly Reports

Local School Bookkeepers

CCHS Jessica Duren   
CES         Renee Morgan 
CIS         Tara Ellison       
CMS Elizabeth Moore
IHS         Rhonda Littleton
JES         Danielle Holmes
JHS         Callie Martin     
JIS         Karla Lambert
JMS Lisa Campbell   
MHS Dena Jones     
THS Rachel Hadder
VHS Andrea Knight